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TMC Newsletter August 1974

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Article Author Page
Pastor’s Message:  Church Extension Plans Rev Christopher H. Smith 1, 8
Trinity Family News:  Sympathy; Welcome to family on transfer from USA; Members of TMC off to Explo ’74 in Seoul; New Member 2
More Family News: Farewell to Chiang Hai Chew & family who will be migrating to Canada;  New Membership Class; The Open Door Coffee House – 21 September 1974 3
Church Calendar for August 1974 4, 5
Another radio broadcast; Sacrificial Lunch; Extension speaker installed in church basement for mothers with small children 5
WSCS:  Visit to Home for the Aged in Aljunied Road; Farewell to two missionaries – Miriam J Gruber and Margaret Thomas; Prayers for the Sick 6
Acknowledgement:  Pledges and Offerings; Thanksgiving and Memorial gifts; Gifts for Church Extension Fund 7

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