Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

TMC Newsletter October 1972

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Article Author Page
Pastor’s Message:  “Back to the Beginning" 1
News of Our Trinity Family:  Welcome to our New Members; Change of Address; New Membership Directory; Wedding Congratulations; Congratulations to various members 2
More Family News:  Bible Study Fellowship; Laymen’s Sunday; Monthly Parish Meeting; District Superintendent’s Health Issue; Meeting of Local Conference; Attendance Registration on Sundays in October; Important Date for Church Retreat 3
Church Calendar for October 1972 4, 5
Preliminary Notices for New Membership Class, Church Retreat and The Official Board 5
Acknowledgements for Pledges, Donations to the Church Extension Fund, and Anniversary & Other Thanksgiving Offerings 6
Return of Pledge Card 6
Sixteenth Anniversary Celebrations 7
M.Y.F. News 7, 8
Life Service Retreat 8
Petitions to General Conference 1972 8