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TMC Newsletter March 1972

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Article Author Page
Pastor’s Message:  “For Me – And With Me” Rev Christopher H. Smith 1, 8
Our Trinity Family:  Infant Baptisms; Called Home; Engagement Announcement; Greetings and Gift from old friends Dr and Mrs Stockwell 2
Around And About:  Visit to the Christian Home for the Aged; W.S.C.S. visit to the Home for Retarded Children 3, 7
Church Calendar for March 1972; Holy Week 4, 5
Palm Sunday Pre-Recorded Service – Broadcast over Radio Singapore 5
More Family News:  Greetings from Angeline Loh and Sonia Wee; The Offering on Chinese New Year’s Day; Donation to Refugee Relief Action; Preparations for the Evangelistic Meetings to be conducted by Dr. Alan Walker 6
Acknowledgements:  Pledges 7
The District Social Concerns Commission 7
The World Day Of Prayer 7

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