Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

TMC Newsletter June 1975

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Article Author Page
Pastor’s Message:  Is There A Christian Life-Style? Rev Christopher H. Smith 1, 8, 5
Trinity Family News:  Infant Baptism;  Loving Sympathy;  Pray for the Sick 2
For Training Overseas – Chong Hiok & Margaret left for Manilla for training under Campus Crusade for Christ 2, 3
Smiths Leave:  Pastor & Mrs Smith will leave for the UK to take on a new appointment 3
Church Calendar for June 1975 4, 5
Acknowledgement:  Pledges and Offerings; Church Extension Fund 6
Women’s Page:  WSCS Sunday and Food Fare – Thank you and distribution of funds;  Farewell dinner for the Smith Family Mrs Catherine Pang 7
The MYF:  “Semi-Retreat” from 31 May to 02 June. 7