Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

TMC Newsletter June 1973

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Article Author Page
Pastor’s Message:  Many-Splendored Salvation Rev Christopher H. Smith 1, 8
Trinity Family News: New Arrival, Wedding Bells; Examination Success; *Church 17th Anniversary; From Overseas; Outreach Donations; Trinity Tae Kwon Do Group 2
WSCS Sunday; MYF Retreat Camp 3
Church Diary for June 1973;  Visiting Preachers in June 4
First District Laity Conference Daniel Gwee 5
“When Boy Meets Girl …” Forum organised by Christian Education Committee and MYF Miss P. Kwok 6
Trinity Looks to the Future: Planning for Builiding Extension for Membership Growth 7
*In the August 1973 TMC Newsletter and other subsequent issues, it was recorded as the 16th Anniversary