Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

TMC Newsletter July 1973

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Article Author Page
Pastor’s Message:  A Call to Ministry Rev Christopher H. Smith 1, 8
Family News:  New Member; Infant Baptism; Welcome Home; Victor Goh; World Travellers – letters from members overseas 2
MYF:  The MYF Singers;  MYF Retreat Camp 3
Church Calendar for July 1973 4
Celebrating *17th Church Anniversary:  Preparations include  Thanksgiving Service; Food Fair; Anniversary Concert; Sale of Bricks towards Building and Extension Fund 5
Acknowledgement:  Donations in Memoriam;  thanks offering; donations in aid of Church Building Fund 5
Bah Rahu Interviewed:  informal question and answer session with Bah Rahu, a Sengoi Missionary Worker from Kampar 6, 7
*In the August 1973 TMC Newsletter and other subsequent issues, it was recorded as the 16th Anniversary