Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

TMC Newsletter December 1972

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Ready for Christmas? 1, 12
News of Our Trinity Family:  New Arrival; Wedding Bells; Birthday Wishes; WSCS Installation; Board Appointments; Committees for 1972-73; Change of Address; Monthly Parish Meeting; M.Y.F. News; TTC Invitation to Post-H.S.C. Students 2, 3
More Trinity News:  Letter from Sonia Wee; Highly Successful Church Retreat; Trinity Church Leaders (Andrew Lee and Peter Lai) elected to serve the Singapore-Malaya Annual Conference 4
Music For Christmas Announcement 5
Christmas Greetings 6, 7, 8
Methodist Conference Notes 9
Church Diary for December 1972 10
Acknowledgement of Pledges received during November, and update of pledges received for current year 11