Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

Saltshaker September 2014

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Article Author Page
The Way We Were Lee Park Ming 2
Blast from the Past – Photos
Beyond 58! (Eng & Chinese) Rev Alvin Chan 8
Discipleship Conference 11
A Discipling Community Ang Hern Shung 12
Bibliotheque SKS Books 13
A River of Life  (Eng & Chinese) Keegan Ong 14
What is Better  (Chinese & Eng) Li Cai Yun 16
Praying with the Psalms Kwa Kiem Kiok 18
The Power and Discipline of Praying Together Sim Cher Khee 19
A Wow Experience – Children’s Ministry Retreat Ang Poh Kit 20
Our Church at Worship Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon 22
Worshipping the King of Kings – Worship & Music Ministry Lim Sue Yien 24
Sound Bytes – Worship & Music Ministry Vinitha Jayaram 26
The Offering Bag – A Magical Hat? Counting Ministry Guo Xiao Rong 28
From Serangoon Ave 4 to Serangoon Garden Way – St Luke’s Eldercare Centre Rose Tan 29
Golden Opportunities – Glowing Years Ministry Samuel Wong 30
Build Deep – Evangelism Claire Lowe 32
TMC’s Pastoral CareNet Ministry- Loving and Caring God’s Way Amanda Yong 34
SG Connect – More than Hi and Bye Lim Sue Yien 37
Not an Old Ladies’ Club – WSCS Katherine Loh 38
I am X, You are Y (And we’re not talking algebra) – Youth Conference Emily Tan 39
Amazing Grace 2014 – Car Rally Cheryl Sim 40
The Green Spot.  Spotting Green Opportunitiess Around TMC – Reduce, Recycle, Re-use Koh Shuwen 42
Back Cover – Events 44