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Saltshaker June 2012

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Article Author Page
Forget About the Price Tag (English & Chinese) Lim Sue Yien 2
Where Does God’s Money Go? (English & Chinese) – Connect With God Ong Hon Yuh 6
So Right Yet So Wrong – Edited Version of Sermon – Connect With God Rev Dr Mark Chan 10
Quiet Times at the LCEC Retreat – Arise, Do Not Be Afraid – Connect With God Patricia Yong 12
Quiet Times at the LCEC Retreat – Be Still and Listen – Connect With God Chew Kim Ling 13
Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart – Hymn for the Season of Pentecost – Connect With God Terri Koh 14
What’s New On The TMC Website? – Connect With One Another Vinitha Jayaram 15
In & About TMC – Photos – Kindergarten; BB & GB Enrolment; Easter & Good Friday – Connect With One Another 16
Bibliotheque SKS Books Warehouse 18
The Expandables – Small Group Connect – Connect With One Another Ang Hern Shung 20
We the Khmers Reach Out Too – Connect With Others Banabas Chay 22
Confessions of A Freshie – Connect With Others Russ Hoe 24
Services 26
Back Cover – Events 27

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