Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

Saltshaker September 2017

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Article Author Page
How Faith Affects Our Work Timothy Keller 2
Christ At Work Samuel Wong 4
Are We Fully Living Up To Our Public Responsibilities Robert Banks 6
Bibliotheque 9
I AM in the Land of Smiles Chew Kim Ling 10
Being Bold for Jesus Pamela Lim 12
The Two Kingdoms: A Christian Perspective on Church and State in Singapore Darius Lee 14
Ploughing the Ground Lim Sue Yien 16
My Mom’s Some SAHM Christabel David 18
When Your World Turns Upside Down Tan Wei Chian 20
Relevant Feelings 22
Consecration of Glory Trinity Methodist Church Christabel David 24
Back Cover 28
Work is AVAD Claire Lowe Loose Insert Suppl