Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

Saltshaker February 2010

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Article Author Page
Baby Steps (English & Chinese) – Pastor’s Column Rev Bernard Chao 1
A Heart Overflowing With Thankfulness (English & Chinese) – Leader’s Column Yip Fook Yoon 4
Worship Whys – Prelude & Postlude – Connect With God Amy Cheong 6
A Prayer For The Lentern Season Woon Wei Tuck 7
Surrender – Youth Ministry Clara Chua 8
Project Lunch Box – Connect With Each Other – BASIC Small Group Andrew Wilfred 10
TMC @ Your Fingertips Vinitha Jayaram 11
Connect With Others – Witness & Evangelism Ong Hon Yuh 12
Love In A Christmas Basket – Heartbeat of God Small Group James & Susan Tang 14
WSCS Missionaries take to Cambodia Nancy Lim 16
TMC Children in Cambodia Sunitha Jayaram 17
TMC Kindergarten – Training Up Our Children In The Way They Should Go Cheryl Sim 19
Back Cover – Events / Services Required 20