Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

Saltshaker December 2010

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Article Author Page
Missing: Baby Jesus, Reward: Priceless (English & Chinese) – Pastor’s Column Rev Dianna Khoo 1
I Am Free. Period. (English & Chinese) – Leader’s Column Richard Seng 4
Worship Whys – The Benediction – Connect With God Amy Cheong 6
Pastor’s Prayer for the Christmas Season (English & Chinese) – Connect With God Rev Dianna Khoo 7
 And 29 People Said, “Just God And Me” – Children’s Ministry -Connect With God Sunitha Jayaram 8
A Generation Tells of His Mighty Acts – Youth Ministry – Connect With One Another Timothy Yong & Terri Koh 9
Voices of Our Youth Leaders -Youth Ministry – Connect With One Another 9
Leaders Just Like You -LCEC 2010 – Connect With One Another 10
What’s New on the Website – Connect With One Another Communications Committee 14
God’s Word Through a Transistor Radio – Connect With Others Sunitha Jayaram 15
Reaching out to the Elderly in our Midst – Opening of St Luke’s Eldercare Centre – Connect With Others Samuel Wong 16
About St Luke’s Eldercare Centre – Connect With Others 18
Who Rocks? Enough! Enoch Fernando’s Christmas Music 19
Back Cover – Events / Services Required 20