Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

Saltshaker December 2002

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Article Author Page
Pastor’s Message – Challenging Lives Philip Lim 2
Seniors Ministry- Interview with Mr Wee Eng Hock 3
Challenging Lives 2003; Local Church Executive Committee (LCEC) Dedication Oct 2002 Ivan Tan 4
Silent Retreat – Extract from Bishop Dr Robert Solomon,  St Francis Xavier Major Seminary (Mar 2003);  The LCEC Retreat (Oct 2002) 5
Mission Trips to Cambodia Patsy Mah 6
Vacation with a Purpose Tan Kiem Kiok 7
Keep In Step – Rev Gordon Wong speaking at TMC’s 46th Anniversary Service Rev Dr Gordon Wong 8
BB (Boys’ Brigade) Cares – A Testimony Koh Eubeng 10
Back Cover:  Announcement;  The Trinity Gospel Players;  Fund Raising Activities 11