Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

Saltshaker August 2011

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Article Author Page
The Real Ruling Party Christabel David 2
Becoming Rooted Like A Redwood – Taken from Rev Dr Wee Boon Hup’s talks at Church Camp in June 2011  -Connect with God Lim Sue Yien 4
Bibliotheque SKS Books Warehouse 6
Letters to God Revealed – Connect with God Andy Chew 7
When Faith Starts, Fear Ends – Letters to God Revealed -Connect with God Blossom Chan 8
A Prayer for the Season of Kingdomtide – Connect with God Lee Ling Ling 9
From Superstition to Salvation (English & Chinese) – Connect with God Sarah Tan 10
In And About TMC – Photos – Church Cmp 2011 12
A (Youth) Sunday of Epic Proportions! – Connect with One Another Terri Koh 13
P is for … (Rev Peter Goh) –  Connect with One Another Terri Koh 14
1/10 is Good (English & Chinese) – Connect with One Another Benjamin Goh 16
Missions Addition! – Connect with One Another Vinitha Jayaram 18
Small Group Connect – Beta – Connect with One Another Lim Sue Yien 19
Marilah Kita Bersatu* – The TMC Spirit (* Come Let Us Unite) – Connect with Others Tricia Tong 20
Uncovering Life – Connect with Others Violet Khor 22
Hearts of Gold in the Golden Land – Connect with Others Sophia & Desmond Loh 23
Alpha Course at TMC 27
Back Cover – Events 28