Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

Saltshaker April 2010

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Article Author Page
Be Present and Counted (English & Chinese) – Pastor’s Column Rev Dianna Khoo 1
Stay Green (English & Chinese) – Leader’s Column Albert Yeo 4
Worship Whys – Corporate Confession – Connect With God Amy Cheong 6
Prayer For The Easter Season Sim Cher Khee 7
Nothing is Impossible with our God Irene Lee 7
God & Popeye’s Chicken – Connect With God Ang Hern Shung 8
To Be A Discipler Lee Park Ming 9
What’s New on the TMC Website? Sean Chia 10
Reflections on the Alpha Course – Connect With Others Caroline Lim 11
Contact 123 – Connect With Others Eric Cheong 12
St Luke’s Elder Care Centre – Connect With Others Albert Yeo 14
Charity 2010 Bike ‘n’ Blade – How You Can Support This Event 15
Back Cover – Events / Services Required 16