Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

Photo Albums 2015

Date Occasion Photographer
04/01/2015 Welcome Pastor Paul Nga
11/01/2015 Dedication of Children’s Ministry Teachers and Helpers RS
18/01/2015 Welcome Lunch for New Members JK
28/02/2015 GYM Lunar New Year 
15/03/2015 Boys’ Brigade (BB) and Girls’ Brigade (GB) Enrolment Sunday RS
29/03/2015 Baptism of Adults and Children JT/TT
23/03/2015 Church Staff Day Out
05/04/2015 Good Friday & Easter Sunday RS/JT
29/05/2015 Parents’ Night @ Safra JT
05/06/2015 to 08/06/2015 Union Church Camp JK
05/06/2015 to 08/06/2015 Union Church Camp AC
05/06/2015 to 08/06/2015 Union Church Camp KT
06/06/2015 Union Church Camp
07/06/2015 Union Church Camp
21/06/2015 Dr Benny Prasad GK
12/07/2015 Youth Sunday AC/JT
15/07/2015 Pledge Sunday JT
31/07/2015 Children’s Ministry Retreat
02/08/2015 Caring God’s Way
29/08/2015 Pastor Chamnap Nhoek – Missions Sunday RS
07/09/2015 Ukulele Festival of Praise
13/09/2015 TMC 59th Anniversary  GK/JT
19/09/2015 Lead Like Jesus Workshop TT
27/09/2015 Children’s Sunday AC/JT
18/10/2015 Installation of LCEC Members RS
23/10/2015 St Luke’s Eldercare Devotion VS
25/10/2015 Outreach and Social Concerns (OSC) Sunday JT
08/11/2015 Baptism  JT
15/11/2015 GYM Sunday TT
19/11/2015 Primary 6 Graduation – Gift of Bibles from Parents JT
19/11/2015 Mandarin Service 12th Anniversary JT
24/11/2015 GTMC Church Camp  PG
13/12/2015 Rev Peter Goh’s Retirement Service VS
16/12/2015 Mandarin Service Baptism RS
16/12/2015 Outreach and Social Concerns (OSC) Christmas Party & MWS Bursary Awards RS
25/12/2015 Christmas Service 2015; Children Baptism JT/RS
27/12/2015 Violin Performance at Worship Service & Christmas Celebration for Domestic Helpers GK
28/12/2015 Reception of New Members 8.45 am Service JT
28/12/2015 Reception of New Members 11.15am Service