Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

English Worship Services Bulletins 2015

Date Sermon Title Scripture Text Preacher Special Notes
31/12/2015 Making Space for Abundance John 10:10 Rev Alvin Chan Wesleyan Covenant Renewal;
27/12/2015 Press On! Philippians 3:12-16 Rev Peter Goh
25/12/2015 Talking Time to Revel in God’s Plan – The Story of Joseph Matthew 1:18-25 Rev Alvin Chan Christmas Day; Baptism of Infants & Children;
20/12/2015 Taking Time to Rejoice in God’s Plan – The Story of Mary Luke 1:46-55 Rev Ivan Tan Reception of New Members
13/12/2015 Fresh Lessons from the Shepherds of Old” Luke 2:4-18 Mr Chan Chong Hiok
06/12/2015 Seeking God … in the extraORDINARY Matthew 2:1-12 Rev Paul Nga
29/11/2015 Taking Time to Wait on God – The Story of Simeon & Anna Luke 2:25-38 Rev Peter Goh
22/11/2015 Jesus and His Kingdom Matthew 13:44-52 Rev Alvin Chan
15/11/2015 O.L.D.: RET_REMENT Joshua 14:6-15 Rev Paul Nga GYM Sunday;
08/11/2015 Welcoming Love Hebrews 13:1-3 Rev William Sam Conference Sunday; Baptism Sunday
01/11/2015 Remember My Chains Colossians 4:18 Rev Alvin Chan International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church;
25/10/2015 Serving the Least of These Matthew 25:31-46 Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok OSC Sunday
18/10/2015 The Wise & the Unwise Matthew 7:24-29 Rev Alvin Chan Installation of LCEC;
11/10/2015 In_like_For_ John 17:3-21 Mr Richard Seng Laity Sunday;
04/10/2015 True or False Matthew 7:15-23 Rev Alvin Chan
27/09/2015 If Only Isaiah 58:6-12 Rev Peter Goh Children’s Sunday;
20/09/2015 Pathway to Life Matthew 7:13-14 Mr Luke Kuepfer
13/09/2015 NNP Matthew 6:1 Rev Melvin Huang 59th Church Anniversary
06/09/2015 The Art of Waiting Matthew 7:7-12 Rev Alvin Chan
30/08/2015 The Hearts We Have and The Help We Need Matthew 7:1-6 Mr Timothy Yong TTC Sunday
23/08/2015 Worry No More Matthew 6:25-34 Rev Peter Goh
16/08/2015 Fasting Matthew 6:16-18 Rev Alvin Chan
09/08/2015 How to Not Pray for Our Nation and Leaders 1 Peter 1:17; Romans 13:1-15; 1 Timothy 2:1-2 Rev Paul Nga National Day Sunday
02/08/2015 Our Father… Matthew 6:9-15 Rev Alvin Chan
26/07/2015 LOVE: The Reason to Missions Matthew 22:37-39 Pastor Chamnap Nhoek Missions Sunday
19/07/2015 Praying God’s Way Matthew 6:5-8 Rev Alvin Chan
12/07/2015 Love Your Enemies Matthew 5:43-48 Mr Ang Hern Shung Youth Sunday
05/07/2015 God’s Way of Giving Matthew 6:1-4 Rev Alvin Chan Pledge Sunday
28/06/2015 How to NOT Give to God?
Luke 17:5-9 Rev Paul Nga Pre-Pledge Sunday
21/06/2015 Wrongs and Right Matthew 5:38-42 Rev Alvin Chan Father’s Day
14/06/2015 Honestly Speaking Matthew 5:33-37 Rev Peter Goh
07/06/2015 Let Us Confess Our Sin Luke 18:9-14 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon
31/05/2015 Investing right side up! Matthew 6:19-21; 2 Corinthians 4:18 Mrs Sally Chew WSCS Sunday
24/05/2015 Seeking the welfare of our city Jer 29:7 Bishop Dr Wee Boon Hup Video sermon
17/05/2015 How to not stay in love? Matthew 5:27-32; Mark 12:28-31 Rev Paul Nga
10/05/2015 Home for good Psalm 68:5-6 Ms Vivienne Ng Mother’s Day
03/05/2015 The danger of anger Mark 5:21-26 Rev Alvin Chan
26/04/2015 Reaching across the world Acts 1:8-11 Dr Kevin Lowe TMCK Sunday
19/04/2015 Light of the world – to be like Jesus Matthew 5:14-16 Rev Paul Nga
12/04/2015 Making salt sense Matthew 5:13 Mr Chan Chong Hiok
05/04/2015 From death to new life Rom 6:3-14 Mr Timothy Tan Easter Sunrise
05/04/2015 Evidence that demands a decision Matthew 28:1-10 Rev Alvin Chan Easter Combined; Reception of new members
03/04/2015 Voices to the cross Matthew 27:35-50 Rev Peter Goh Good Friday; Prayer Vigil
02/04/2015 Shall I not drink the cup? John 18:1-11 Rev Alvin Chan Maundy Thursday
01/04/2015 Prayer for the world Rev Paul Nga Prayer Service; Holy Week Wednesday;
31/03/2015 TMC Rev Peter Goh Prayer Service; Holy Week Tuesday;
30/03/2015 Personal Discipleship Rev Alvin Chan Prayer Service; Holy Week Monday;
29/03/2015 Beyond answered prayer Luke 19:28-48 Rev Edmund Wong Palm Sunday; Baptism Sunday;
22/03/2015 Sure to be persecuted, sure to be pampered John 15:18-25 Rev Paul Nga
15/03/2015 Have peace, share peace Matthew 5:9 Rev David Gwee BB/GB Enrolment Sunday;
08/03/2015 Blessed are the pure in heart Matthew 5:8 Rev Peter Goh
01/03/2015 Forgive and do not forget Matthew 18:21-35 Rev Alvin Chan
22/02/2015 Fool-y satiated or full-y satisfied Matthew 5:6; Isaiah 55:1-2; Matthew 13:44-46 Rev Paul Nga
18/02/2015 Being in touch with our present reality Psalm 90 Mr Damein Cheong Ash Wednesday
15/02/2015 The foundation of true power Psalm 37:1-11 Rev Alvin Chan
08/02/2015 Blessed are those who mourn Matthew 5:4 Rev Peter Goh
01/02/2015 The foundation of blessedness Luke 18:10-14 Rev Alvin Chan
25/01/2015 Traditions and transitions Philippians 1:3-6; 2:12-13 Rev Paul Nga
18/01/2015 The great commission Matthew 28:18-20 Mr Andy Chew
11/01/2015 The true jubilee Leviticus 25:8-17 Rev Alvin Chan Dedication of CM teachers & helpers
04/01/2015 A fresh beginning Isaiah 58:1-14 Rev Peter Goh