Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

English Worship Services Bulletins 2014

Date Sermon Title Scripture Text Preacher Special Notes
31/12/2014 Necessary Endings Genesis 12:1-7a Rev Alvin Chan Wesleyan Covenant Renewal;
28/12/2014 Trust God to Remember You Luke 2:25-33 Rev Peter Goh
25/12/2014 His Name is Jesus Matthew 1:18-25 Rev Alvin Chan Christmas Day; Baptism of Infants & Children
21/12/2014 His Name is Prince of Peace Isaiah 9:6; John 14:27 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon Reception of New Members; Retirement of Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon
14/12/2014 His Name is Everlasting Father Isaiah 9:6 Rev Peter Goh
07/12/2014 His Name is Mighty God Luke 12:4-7 Rev Alvin Chan
30/11/2014 His name is wonderful consellor Isaiah 9:2-7 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon
23/11/2014 Are you ready to meet the King? Matthew 25-31-46 Rev Alvin Chan
16/11/2014 Staying Faithful Genesis 5:21-24 Rev Peter Goh GYM Sunday;
09/11/2014 Worship in Spirit and Truth John 4:19-24 Rev Aaron Tay Conference Sunday; Baptism of Youths & Adults;
02/11/2014 Deadly Discipleship 1 Peter 4:12-19 Rev Alvin Chan
26/10/2014 The Compassionate Faith Community Luke 10:29-37 Rev Gabriel Liew OSC Sunday
19/10/2014 Shaping our Environment Romans 12:9-21 Rev Alvin Chan
12/10/2014 Why Serve? Romans 12:1-8 Mr William Goh Laity Sunday; Dedication of LCEC
05/10/2014 Lift Up Your Hearts 1 Peter 4:12-16 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon
28/09/2014 Behold,Bless,Become Mark 10:13-16 Rev Peter Goh Children’s Sunday;
21/09/2014 God Acts Psalm 147 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon
14/09/2014 The God Who Knows Psalm 139 Rev Dr Gordon Wong 58th Church Anniversary
07/09/2014 God Works Psalm 136 Rev Alvin Chan
31/08/2014 God Conquers Psalm 135 Mr Benjamin Fong TTC Sunday;
24/08/2014 God Calms Psalm 131 Rev Alvin Chan Witness & Evangelism Sunday;
17/08/2014 God Intervenes Psalm 124 Rev Peter Goh
10/08/2014 God Guards Psalm 121 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon
03/08/2014 God Guides Psalm 119:1-16 Rev Alvin Chan
27/07/2014 All Nations Matthew 28:16-20 Bishop Dr Wee Boon Hup Missions Sunday
20/07/2014 God vindicates Psalm 118 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon
13/07/2014 Living a Legacy Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Mr Ang Hern Shung Youth Sunday
06/07/2014 More important than giving Deuteronomy 15:7-11 Rev Alvin Chan Pledge Sunday
29/06/2014 Give Yourself First to the Lord 2 Corinthians 8:1-7 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon Pre-Pledge Sunday
22/06/2014 God Answers Psalm 116 Rev Peter Goh
15/06/2014 My 4 Fathers Malachi 4:4-6 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon Father’s Day
08/06/2014 Power Beyond Us Acts 2:1-21 Rev Peter Goh
01/06/2014 God Rescues Psalm 107 Rev Alvin Chan
25/05/2014 Serving God in Humility John 13:1-17 Rev Lynette Sathiasingam WSCS Sunday
18/05/2014 God Surpasses Psalm 103 Rev Peter Goh
11/05/2014 Honouring Your Mother Deuteronomy 5:16 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon Mother’s Day
04/05/2014 God Supports Psalm 55 Rev Alvin Chan
27/04/2014 Faith Lessons for the Heart Mark 6:41-52 Mr Chan Chong Hiok TMCK Sunday
20/04/2014 The Reality of Easter Luke 24:36-49 Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok Easter Sunrise
20/04/2014 From Refuge to Revolution Colossians 1:19-20 Rev Alvin Chan Easter Combined; Reception of New Members
18/04/2014 The Wounded Saviour Isaiah 53:1-5; Mark 15:16-37 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon Good Friday
17/04/2014 Take,Bless, Break,Give Luke 22:7-28 Rev Peter Goh Maundy Thursday
13/04/2014 Following Jesus into Jerusalem Matthew 21:1-17 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon Palm Sunday
06/04/2014 God Pardons Psalm 51 Rev Alvin Chan
30/03/2014 God Secures Psalm 46 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon
23/03/2014 God Chastens Psalm 38 Rev Alvin Chan
16/03/2014 Only One Thing is Needed Luke 10:38-42 Rev Dr Norman Wong BB/GB Enrolment Sunday;
09/03/2014 God Laughs Psalm 37 Rev Peter Goh Baptism of Adults & Children
05/03/2014 The Fear of Failing Luke 4:1-13 Rev Alvin Chan Ash Wednesday
02/03/2014 God Speaks Psalm 29 Rev Alvin Chan
23/02/2014 God Heartens Psalm 27 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon
16/02/2014 God Suffices Psalm 16 Rev Alvin Chan
09/02/2014 God Hides Psalm 10 Rev Peter Goh
02/02/2014 God Cares Psalm 23 Rev Alvin Chan
26/01/2014 Living on Eagle’s Wings Exodus 19:1-6; Isaiah 40:28-31 Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon
19/01/2014 The Secret Strength of the Church Acts 2:42-47 Rev Alvin Chan
12/01/2014 Sitting on empty 1 Kings 19:5-8 Rev Peter Goh Dedication of Leaders in Ministry
05/01/2014 The Lord Is With Us! Matthew 1:22-23; 28:18-20 Rev Alvin Chan