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Photos 2014

Date Occasion Photographer
14/01/2014 Dedication of Leaders in Ministry & Children Ministry Orientation JT
20/01/2014 Glowing Years Ministry (GYM) Chinese New Year (CNY) Shopping – Woodlands VS
28/01/2014 Contact 123 – Prawning Outing
16/02/2014 Children Ministry Creative Prayer Session AC
05/03/2014 Contact 123 – Futsal Tournament at Kovan Sports
05/03/2014 Ash Wednesday JK
23/03/2014 Baptism RS
24/03/2014 Boys’ Brigade (BB) and Girls’ Brigade (GB) Enrolment
19/04/2014 Good Friday Service
20/04/2014 Easter Service and Reception of Members  AC
20/04/2014 Sunrise Service AC
28/04/2014 St Luke’s Eldercare and Banteat Meanchey Methodist Church (Northern Cambodia)
17/05/2014 TMC Kindergarten Open House
28/05/2014 Mother’s Day & Youth Ministry (YM) Guest Speaker  JT
28/05/2014 The Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS) Day JT
19/06/2014 Car Rally
08/07/2014 Pledge Sunday  JT
13.07/2014 Youth Sunday AC
27/07/2014 Missions Sunday RS
29/07/2014 Mandarin Service Camp SCK
31/07/2014 Alpha Introduction DL/KT
02/08/2014 Raising Godly Children in Today’s World TT
04/08/2014 Children Ministry Retreat
09/08/2014 Youth Ministry – Guest Speaker Strongman, Jon Pritikin  A Chew
10/09/2014 D&N Lantern Walk @ Botanic Gardens AC
15/09/2014 Youth Avenue Mooncake Festival JK
15/09/2014 TMC 58th Anniversary RS/JT
22/09/2014 Youth Avenue Official Opening JT
27/09/2014 Discipleship Conference TT
30/09/2014 Alpha Course 2014 CL
12/10/2014 Dedication of Local Conference Executive Committee (LCEC) & Pastor-Parish Relations and Staff Committee (PPRSC) AC
20/10/2014 Trinity Methodist Church Kindergarten (TMCK) Performance RS
12/11/2014 Baptism JT
17/11/2014 GYM (Glowing Years Ministry) Sunday TT
29/11/2014 Retirement Service of Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon 22 Nov 2014 VS
21/12/2014 Reception of New Members & Order of Retirement for Rev Dr Kang Ho Soon GK
23/12/2014 The Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS) Missions Trip EW
28/12/2014 Christmas Day & Child Baptism GK
31/12/2014 Christmas Celebration at IMH CKL
03/01/2015 Foreign Domestic Helpers Party
03/01/2015 Youth Avenue Christmas Party GXX



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