Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

Photo Albums 2010

Date Occasion Photographer
31/1/2010 On Holy Ground 11.15 am Service  
6/2/2010 Project Lunch Box – Chinese New Year TTJC
14/2/2010 Chinese New Year Service SC
27/2/2010 Seniors Lunar New Year Dinner AY
20/3/2010 Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade Enrolment RS
20/3/2010 St Luke’s ElderCare Centre  
20/3/2010 Children’s Ministry Teachers’ Dedication TT
20/3/2010 Project Lunch Box TT
1/4/2010 WSCS Mini Bazaar TT
4/4/2010 Easter Sunday RS
4/4/2010 Easter Sunday RSJT
4/4/2010 Youth Ministry Easter Party JK
5/4/2010 Good Friday SC
7/4/2010 Children’s Ministry: Impact Your Child Seminar RS
7/4/2010 Good Friday JT
15/4/2010 St Luke’s ElderCare Centre – Dedication EC
17/4/2010 A Day of Prayer for Missions RS
23/4/2010 LCEC Retreat TTJK
24/4/2010 Infant Baptism GL
2/5/2010 Project Lunch Box GL
4/5/2010 Alpha Weekend SC Lionel
5/5/2010 Outreach – Inaugural Yum Cha VS
9/5/2010 Mother’s Day Service SC
22/5/2010 Baptism Service JT
22/5/2010 Outreach – Parents’ Appreciation Night SCKTT
2/6/2010 Yum Cha VS
12/6/2010 Youth Ministry Retreat – Ignite! JKJK2
19/6/2010 Outreach and Social Concerns Fellowship TTVS
20/6/2010 Father’s Day TTRS
20/6/2010 Mandarin Ministry – Serene Yang, Ex-Media Corp Artiste SCK
24/6/2010 St Luke’s ElderCare Centre Serangoon – Devotion and Visitation VSCS
4/7/2010 Reception of New Members TTJT
4/7/2010 Youth Sunday TTJT
4/7/2010 Project Lunch Box TT
4/7/2010 Missions – Donate a Khmer Bible TT
7/7/2010 Yum Cha VS
11/7/2010 New Staff – Catherine Sunnitaa and Calvin Ang TT
11/7/2010 Child Baptism TT
16/7/2010 Power of Words RS
18/7/2010 Girls’ Brigade Food Sale RS
18/7/2010 Help Lord I’m Hard of Hearing RS
24/7/2010 St Luke’s ElderCare Centre Official Opening Mei Chan
24/7/2010 St Luke’s ElderCare Centre Official Opening JT
1/8/2010 Pledge Sunday TTSC
1/8/2010 Project Lunch Box – Nasi Lemak Very Sedap SC
22/8/2010 Connect With One Another – New Staff, A Son of TMC – Timothy Yong RS
31/8/2010 Connect with Others. Yum Cha VS
3/9/2010 Connect With Others – Bike and Blade in Aid of St Luke’s ElderCare Centre  
11/9/2010 Connect With One Another – Once Upon a Time in TMC RS
12/9/2010 Connect With Others – Mooncake Gifts RS
26/9/2010 TMC 54th Anniversary SC
3/10/2010 Connect With God – A Plan for Me by the Children’s Ministry TTSC
3/10/2010 Connect With Others – PKL – Pao Ka Liao. Mrs Chua’s 5-Year Service Award TTSC
30/10/2010 Connect with God. Baptism Service JT
3/11/2010 Connect With Others – Yum Cha VS
7/11/2010 Connect With Others – Violet Khor to be Short Term Missionary TT
14/11/2010 Connect With One Another – Seniors’ Lunch RS
21/11/2010 Connect with Others – Children’s Ministry with Transworld Radio and Youth Ministry Working for Missions  
21/11/2010 Connect with Others – Contact 123 off to Singapore Flyer and Marina Barrage EC
25/11/2010 Connect with Others. Christmas Hampers EC
28/11/2010 Connect With One Another. What Do You Want To See of A Young Adults Ministry SC
5/12/2010 Connect With One Another – Prayer for Youth Ministry Mission Trip RS
7/12/2010 Connecting With Others – Children’s Ministry Workers Mission Trip CKL
11/12/2010 Connect With One Another – Seniors’ Ministry Christmas Celebration EC
18/12/2010 Connect With Others – SK Group at Christmas R Ng KT LIM
18/12/2010 Connect With Others – Christmas Celebration at Contact 123 SC
19/12/2010 Connect With One Another – A Boys’ Brigade Christmas Party Shawn Lim
19/12/2010 Connect With One Another – EPIC Party SC
19/12/2010 Connect with God – Promises TT
19/12/2010 Connect With One Another – Reception of New Members TT
25/12/2010 Connect with God, One Another and Others. Christmas & Infant Baptism RSJT