Remembering Our Past, Inspiring Our Future


Historical records play a vital role in our everyday lives, reminding us of our heritage and serving as a model of who and what we are. Through them, we can learn from our predecessors, see how God charted the directions Trinity Methodist Church (TMC) has taken and remember His love and faithfulness to the Church.

The Church Archives is a repository of TMC’s historical records, acting as resources for members to draw inspiration from, as well as making it possible for future generations to tell the stories of the community of people that were a part of it. The records come in various mediums and formats, such as testimonies from members, recordings of Church sermons, photographs and publications of activities and events, even minutes of meetings held to guide the direction of the church. The records aim to help TMC accurately understand and remember its historical background, how it has developed its identity through the years, the basis for directions taken and providing insights for future plans.

To preserve the history and ensure the heritage of TMC’s records, the Church Archives website was created to be a  digital repository that holds records of church events, activities and published materials.  We encourage members of TMC to share their testimonies, stories, memories and materials about significant events related to TMC’s development. This act of service will help the Church Archives to build up a comprehensive heritage of the Church that testifies God’s faithfulness to His people over the years.

The biblical basis for our archival work is “One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.” (Psalm 145:4)